May 1, 2010

She Is Bold Loveliness

By Arnal Kennedy

She is bold loveliness
Naked as a filament
Some worthy attire
Laid neatly
On the sand.

So unprepared seeking
The emerald crown
Of acceptance
She runs into the ocean
Soft waves a cleansing

Of mind and body.
Dips her long blonde hair
Then swims a distance
And I am awakened

To the caption of youth
Ready to roll-up adolescent purity
Ready to question
Heaven or hell
I sit down on the beach.


ed said...

this has always moved me. you jog between her crown, her hair and the beach. i mean, naked as a filament stirs me, over and over.

thinkingtoohard said...

I'm thinking this is dirty as hell, and I love it. Course, everyone knows I'm always thinking - and it's always dirty.