May 21, 2010

End of Rivalry

We know animals are alive. And we know plants are alive. Some know the ocean is alive, its waves like respirations. Some have progressed to understand the world is alive.

But I say even the ages are alive, so that right now in the amphitheatre of the universe the Age of the Birth of Life is rolling her eyes at suggestions she might not be all that. I can see the snooty Age of Michelangelo painting on wet plaster disrespecting the Age of Exploration, while the Age of Evolution struggles to hold anyone's attention as the Ice Age rambles on and on about inane information concerning frost and regeneration. I can hear the arguing and bickering and general commotion among the ages, and I can see Zeus glancing at his watch in the hopes of leaving early because that's a debate that won't ever be settled.

Until our age concludes, that is.

It's not that we're going to achieve peace on earth and remove the mad men who are threatening extinction of our planet. It's not that we're going to stop these mad men from selling out our children and grandchildren. It's not that we're going to end slave wages and stop the contamination of our planet.

Our age is going to lord over the other ages because our age will showcase as its emblem those gorgeous legs of yours. Maybe possibly wearing those big black shoes. And a short skirt. That blue camouflage skirt.

What the fuck is the Age of Michelangelo going to say to that?


Tori said...

I love the image of Zeus glancing at his watch. This is so timely. Yes, the ocean is alive and unfortunately is being suffocate by an obscene amount of oil.
Oh, and way to tie it all together with some lady love. :)

chelsey said...

The world is alive! I like your way of thinking. and I loved the 'Age of Michelangelo...' part.

damn. Every piece of yours I read makes me think 'this is my favourite' :)

ed said...

thanks so much.
@tori, yeah, zeus looking at his swatch watch was my favorite part of this one. i barfed this out on the screen a few hours after i was like, i don't have anymore energy to do anymore of these love letters. i have not been released just yet:)
@chelsey, yeah, i guess that's how i think. i don't, for example, think cars are alive, though i have named a couple and talk to them and pleaded for them to start in the dead of winter. glad you're liking what you read:)

BIKE LADY said...

I keep meaning to ask. Where do you get the art for this site? It's pretty cool, too. Do you use it as inspiration for each post?

thinkingtoohard said...

I was all set to hear about the Mayans and 2012 - the coming of human kindness and understanding. And you give us her legs.Well FUCKING done. Woot!

Ed Pilolla said...

@bike lady, i get the art from some art inspires me. others i link to the post i wrote. but the art is powerful to me. i obsess over it and enjoy linking art to my piece. blogging wouldn't ben nearly as fun for me without it.
@tth, glad you approve! legs are as philosophically deep as i can go.

Alexandra Grabbe said...

The art today reminds me of bronze age stone carvings in Sweden, near where my husband has a house:

wendryn said...

I didn't expect the ending, and I definitely like it. A little sly joy wrapped in among all of the big ideas. :)

ed said...

muchas gracias.
@alexandra, the images are very similar. just seems like those ancient folks were probably telling the same stories we're telling today. i love the red in the painting attached to your link. wonder if there's meaning to it.
@wendryn, yeah, sly joy is right. i expected someone to poke fun at my fashion taste: a blue camouflage mini skirt and big black shoes?? i love women who follow the fashion rules completely, sometimes at all.

ed said...

i meant don't follow the fashion rules completely. doh!