May 14, 2010

Undiscovered Country

When you're ready to visit your undiscovered country, we'll go.

Your undiscovered country lies deep within you. You've known this all along. Close your eyes and think what it might look like. You can't be wrong. You've experienced tragedy, and therefore the worlds within you are especially magnificent.

I've visited your undiscovered country, briefly. Your firecracker spirit allowed me a quick visit. She is such a flirt.

The flower fields and meadows stretched from horizon to horizon. In the open, I saw daisies and sunflowers, as well as lemon begonias in the shake of oak trees. Daisies symbolize loyal love and patience. Sunflowers follow the trajectory of the sun and symbolize adoration. Lemon begonias warn to beware.

You sure showed me an intriguing side of you up-front, girl. I dug it!

If you're interested in what other flowers might bloom in your land, think of your favorites and learn what they mean here.

Before your wild spirit teased me away, I caught a glimpse of your secret garden. Yeah, it was breathtaking. Rest assured, there's lots of stuff I didn't see and only you can find. Somewhere stood your tree of life, which is connected to the Universal Tree of Life. Every woman has a branch of the Great Tree in her garden, whether she has children or not.

Let's have some fun and do some discovering together. But first, I promise not to plant weed in your garden. That's important. Okay, now we can commence with the discovering in good faith. I have a feeling those lemon begonias began melting away into red roses when I crossed my heart and promised. You know what red roses mean, right?


Xcrush said...

Breath taking...I am not just fluffing you today and you know I am not the type to do so.....this is favorite so far! Wow!!! Love it!

Alexandra Grabbe said...

I really liked this post but there's one thing that didn't work for me. Daisies, sunflowers in a field, yes. Begonias? Not in the same field. They grow in the shade, so in my imagination that flower image spoiled the picture, because the begonias were all wilted, but maybe that was what you intended?

Ed Pilolla said...

that's awesome, alexandra. i am no gardener. i didn't know that about where the flowers like to live. but now i do! details are so important, and i may go back and try and stick the begonias in the shade. might not be able to. but that's the sort of detail i would have liked to nail down. thanks!

thinkingtoohard said...

I do believe love is in the air. And I'm jealous as hell.

Tori said...

This is lovely. Well done. :)