May 18, 2010

Return of the King and Queen

I have been sculpted to fit into your divine features perfectly. The heartbreak, the loss, the grief, I have been broken down, smoothed over with salt water and rebuilt.

Long lost loves arrive late, usually just ahead of the storm.

The wind is playing the role of foil in 2010, saying it's all been done before, it's all been sung before, we're all walking in footsteps.

That's how ages turn, you know. Announcements of peace are followed by war. Announcements of perpetual war are followed by peace. We've been on this earth for 200,000 years, the last 5,000 civilized, no matter which definition of "civilized" you use.

The great hawk is watching over you every day now. It is all very close, sweets.

The blueprints of our meeting were drafted a million years ago. Herod's armies did not find Jesus, and they most assuredly will not touch you. You are more important than you could possibly know.

Soon the wind within will sound of funnel clouds touching down and giant waves rising. Look for me when your sky goes darkest.

I will return to you then, at the turn of our tide.


Anonymous said...


Loving these love letters a lot! Discovered you over at Joe R's BloggingPrespectivesDaily. Not at all surprised that you two soulful, openhearted beings would somehow be linked. If you are inspired, please visit my blog and current post, The 7 Words of Well-Being for Men.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks for reading. i'm checking it out now!

Alexandra Grabbe said...

Another unusual read. Thanks, Ed. I like the way you put together words and concepts that don't usually fall together on the page. Also, I'm curious about the art you have on your blog??

joseph said...


I'm really enjoying Love Letters, You're a master at creating images, and the way you close leaves me hungering for more.

Best to you my friend!

Xcrush said...

Joseph is are "The Closer" for sure....they almost always make my heart ache. "Look for me when your sky goes darkest" wow....amazing Ed! Love to you!

Andrea Parker said...

You are an exploding talent.

Tori said...

I was thinking the exact same thing about you being a fantastic closer! Nice. :)

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much for the sugar. i went to bed last night unhappy about this post. my transitions weren't seamless. the title wasn't quite right. i zigged and zagged a little too much. the end saved my ass, however. really appreciative of the support. okay, it's not as bad as i feared.

alexandra, i'm really leaning and liking concepts for art more than photos lately. i'm slipping into fantasy and i think graphics play better with the imagination. i chose the wind and a wave to tie in with wind and wave concepts in the piece.

Natasha Rogue said...

I've never been into poetry, well, except for Robert Frost, but I love your work. Not saying that just to be nice...I'm not that nice ;)

Coming here, to read your latest brush stroke of words, helps me so often, just remember, what we do is art.

Thank you and keep them coming. Please!

Jacki Dilley, LMSW said...

Ed, your work is outstanding. The whole piece is beautiful; your ass didn't need saving by the end!

You made a good decision by restructuring your life to write full-time. I think you'll get accustomed to living very frugally, and your art will nourish you so much that it'll be worth it.

ed said...

natasha, thank you so much. i've seen your stuff, and if you approve of mine, that's big time for me.

no, you don't strike me as someone who is nice just to make nice:)

chelsey said...

'long lost love...' the words you use in this 'love letter' are more beautiful than ever.
well done.

Ed Pilolla said...

jacki, thanks so much for reading and for liking what you see. comments like yours make my lifestyle a little easier to take.
chelsey, i am so excited you like my stuff! something in me wants to please you:)