May 11, 2010


I saw you last night. I saw your rainbow wings reflecting the moonlight.

You little tart.

Last week you were a butterfly. And now a dragonfly! You are a tart, a shape changer and a show off.

But I will give you this: Last night you were a perfect dragonfly. Just like you, a dragonfly has those big ol' eyes but can't see very well either. No offense. I lose my breath when you push up your glasses like you do.

Did you know a dragonfly is a creature of the wind and symbolizes change? In fact, a dragonfly lives as a youngster for a few years before molting into an adult. After molting, it only has a few weeks left to live. Thus, despite living as a youngster for the vast majority of its life, the dragonfly is a strong symbol of maturity.

So be proud to be a late bloomer in this world.

You know, in Japan, the dragonfly represents strength and joy.

Native Americans believe dragonflies are the souls of the dead.

To some, the dragonfly represents good luck and harmony.

To others, the dragonfly represents prosperity.

To most, the dragonfly symbolizes hope, renewal and love.

No, I'm not showing off what I just learned online...Well, maybe a little. But I'm also making an important point, and that is: The dragonfly is a lot of things. Besides a creature of the wind, a dragonfly is also a creature of the water, which symbolizes our subconscious, our deepest dreams.

Pin your wings back, all of them. I want to see you as you really are. That's my deepest dream. That's all I'm trying to say.


thinkingtoohard13 said...

"you little tart."
Jeeeeez. Every time I come back, you're better. And it's sexy as hell that you dig chicks with glasses.

Noel said...

All us chicks with glasses say thanks. :-D

Ed Pilolla said...

noel, thanks so much for reading. there is something about a girl with glasses. i mean, you can wear 'em, you can not wear 'em. you can change styles. yeah, glasses are very cool. and every girl has a different way to push 'em up. that's just how it is.

noel said...

I knew a guy once who said you never know what lurks behind the glasses on a girl, but that he almost always liked the surprise. I'm pretty sure it was a pickup line, LOL. My problem is, when I'm not wearing them I still have that tic to push them up, so I end up looking like a dork who almost poked out an eye. I'm enjoying the series, keep it up. I have a couple other writerly friends with blogs, I should introduce y'all.

ed said...

that's hysterical! i only almost poke an eye out when i make the consistent mistake of sipping a drink from the rim with a straw in the glass. i will learn one of these days. send me the addresses of your friends' blogs please. i'd love to check 'em out.

Xcrush said...

I love "be proud to be a late bloomer in this world" ....."I want to see you as you really are". I love to see the YOU in YOUR writing, Ed. It makes me smile!

Ed Pilolla said...

miss lori poked me for some symbolism with explanation, and here be it. muchas gracias for the finger in my chest.

Lori said...

Don't think I didn't catch that 'poke' Eddie! Who's the tart now? :) Plus, as someone who hates her glasses...we all say thanks.

iquitelikethat said...

must be my favourite post yet and I'm not even sure why. I love 'you little tart' at the beginning, it's pretty unexpected.

Tori said...

Glasses are good and gotta love a post that gets us all thinking. Big sigh, Ed. :)

BIKE LADY said...

I really liked the last paragraph in this post. How many of us hide behind our "wings"? Interesting.

Earthianne said...

Impressive writing. I too liked what you said in the end, '... want to see you as you really are'. We crave to be accepted for who we truly are inside.
Will be back for more.
(heard of you through Joe)