April 29, 2010

the buzz

my skin tingles
at your buzz
i am
a worker, a drone
a perfect twin to millions
you accept and allow into 
your presence
i move slowly near your stripes
pretending even 
to stick to the honeycomb.
when i fly away to float
among the smiling faces
and pink
and yellow
stealing the delicious spice of rumors
i move quickly
dripping with loyalty
a giant i would attack
and die
to save you from blushing death
it is my nature, you see
i serve
my queen bee


Tori said...

This is a personal favorite! Dripping with loyalty a giant I would smack. Love it!

Lori said...

I am terrified of bees. Seriously. I freak out. This bee, however, is my kind of bee. I wouldn't be scared of this bee.

ed said...


thinkingtoohard said...

My God, Ed. Every day I come back here thinking you couldn't have bested the day before. And then you do.
This authenticity is totally rockin'. I'm so proud :-)

ed said...

thanks, tth. you make me happy.