May 13, 2010

Ms. Big Heart

The thing making you struggle in this square world happens to be that big heart of yours. That's the thing causing you problems with everyone who claims to know better.

This world isn't built for lively hearts of the sort you have. God kissed you alright and that's a blessing, for sure. But it's also a curse because we live in a world with both a sun and moon. And a divine gift has, correspondingly, a divine moon shadow.

Struggle is always gonna be a part of success in this here earthly plane.

You get out of work, burst into the world like a pink sunflower, empty your pockets for the marginalized and what have you got left but empty pockets?

I think you're finally ready to hear something: You are no ordinary special. You are a pivital piece of this universe and a pivital piece of our world as it transitions, finally, out of the dark ages. Your heart was crafted by the very High Powers that created me. When the time is right, you will ascend to your rightful position in this sun-moon world. I will see to it.

I see you smirking. Doubter. Good for you! You've experienced enough disappointment in your life to remain skeptical at my words. You may have that flower-power heart but you're no fool. So just pay attention and you'll see. I've lived many, many lifetimes (as you have) and we cannot fail to be who we are. It's yet another lifetime finding my way to you.

Queen Big Heart.


angelynn said...

That was beautiful. So hopeful and kind. Loved it.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much for reading, angelynn.

thinkingtoohard said...

Ed, we are so connected, I almost feel like I shouldn't be commenting here at all. You keep taking this shit out of my head without me telling you a word of what I am thinking.
"flower power heart"
JEEZ - I LOVE this. The series is just magnificent.

Ed Pilolla said...

it's interesting becuz i couldn't keep doing this series without the luv i get from you and other readers/writers. i just couldn't power thru like this.

Alexandra Grabbe said...

Another fan here. Please do more.

Xcrush said...

"God kissed you"...blessing and a are so amazing! Love to you Ed for seeing people for who they are!

Tori said...

I hope this very lucky "Queen" appreciates what she has in you. How can a girl not be jealous. :) Very nice. Big love to you.

wendryn said...

"This world isn't built for lively hearts of the sort you have." - I like this line!

I'm enjoying these, even if I don't always get time to comment.

Ed Pilolla said...

i'm truly grateful for the feedback. i'm doing judo here, taking the love you're throwing at me and putting it into the pieces.

thinkingtoohard said...

Like I always say, "The love multiplies."

Andrea Parker said...

OOOOOOOO so beautiful.

You have my single favorite blog in the entire Blogathon, easily, by far.

Ed Pilolla said...

much thanks, andrea. i got so much fuel from your 'spirits' insight.