September 6, 2011

Uninvited Guests

I see you’re as popular as ever, which I suppose means everything is right with the universe. The tomato reddens, the moon rises, the Cubs stink and you’re leading a crowd of star-crossed men everywhere they want to go.

That’s so typical of you.

When the bottle broke, you made stained glass. And for this green chain of hope around your neck, the dawn has prepared breakfast in bed for you.

The air wants to carry you, and the sky has already leaned over and tapped you on the shoulder. The red fox is bringing you tea. The blue moon wants a rematch at hearts after you won last time.

Jesus is at the front door hoping for a bite to eat. Buddha is in the kitchen rummaging through your junk food.

I knew when we hooked up a few million years ago I’d have to share you, so I have to remind myself that sooner or later we will have each other to ourselves once again. Sooner or later the dusk and the star god will stop making plays for you and stop referring to me as the bellboy.

Sooner or later, the entire cast of characters will, satisfied or unsatisfied, go about their merry business, whatever it happens to be these days.

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Jill said...

"The air wants to carry you and the sky has already tapped you on the shoulder." So captivating, so magical, so lovely.

Stephanie D said...

Loved the line about the bottle breaking and making stained glass. Again, very nice work! Looking forward to more.

Claudia said...

this made me generous and share her with the universe ed...unless you're the only one she loves i guess that's fine... and tell her to show you how to make stained glass of broken know, i would love it when dawn prepared breakfast for me..smiles...magical write this voice of yours

Pat Hatt said...

Great allure of the sun and moon, opposites yet attraction from within, through the millions of years. Yes the entire cast of characters will hopefully go on their way, even if they need a little extra shove out the door..haha

Brian Miller said...

nice...making stained glass of broken paint with such magic to your words often just carries me away...seriously

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I agree with Stephanie; I loved this line too. :0)

"When the bottle broke, you made stained glass."

hedgewitch said...

You paint a capricious yet glorious goddess here, and a tolerant but by no means idolatrously blind worshiper. Loved every word, and I often have a hard time with story-paragraph poems, getting them to ring for me--no such difficulty here. Great stuff.

Heaven said...

We all want a piece of her sunshine and sunny smiles. She is gorgeous after all....

Like the relationship you drew here...this series are really enjoyable to read~

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

I liked this. This may seem strange but it actually made me think of my middle daughter and someone she has known since they were children.

Marion said...

Whoa! This and 'Star God' are purely amazing, Ed. In a not-so-strange bout of synchronicity, I'm re-reading a magical book, "The Wood Wife" by Terri Windling, and your poems are almost like a photograph of parts of this book. If you haven't read it, I highly, highly recommend it to you. I'm at least on my 8th or 9th reading of it since I bought it in 1997 and it blows me away even more each time I read it.

Thank God for poets and writers who can shake us from our apathy and open our blind eyes to the beauty all around us. xoxo

Daydreamertoo said...

If she is yours and she loves you ... you have all that she is and loves because.. she's given herself to you.
Wonderful imagery, beautiful prose.

LauraX said...

This poem is rich in beautiful imagery Ed...and then there is this kind of comical line (at least to me) thrown into the mix of beauty, longing and regret...
"Jesus is at the front door hoping for a bite to eat. Buddha is in the kitchen rummaging through your junk food."

I love that...a release from the heaviness. Well done.

ed pilolla said...

thanks for the luv:)

claudia, thanks for helping me see my own piece more clearly:)

hedgewitch, i see my characters more clearly now:)

marion, i will check windling out. thanks:)

laura, i took those lines out but thought it was a stronger close if i don't even care what jesus and buddha are up to. but if those two are your friends, you aren't just popular. you are also holy in some fantastical way.
spot on, those two sentences are slightly awkward.

Natasha said...

Smooth as golden honey on a fiery and bleached out July afternoon. Love your language, the imagery, and I have to admit...the stained glass got me too. Now, a brief pause, to really enjoy the write. Wonderful!

ayala said...

wow...when the bottle broke she made stained glass...this is gorgeous!

oceangirl said...

You have gone wild, you have gone all state naturale. This piece is unfeigned.

Margaret said...

You have quite the imagination! I am fairly new here and I'm gonna have to go back and read this series (don't have time tonight) I see this as an illustrated piece... so much imagery.

Betsy said... favorite thing you've written so far....

Ann LeFlore said...

This is so excellent when the bottle broke she made stained glass that is great

mrs mediocrity said...

this is beautiful... and like so many others, i love the stained glass line.
love the overall tone, real and true and sad and magical all at the same time. that's hard to do.

Sheri said...

I have read this at least 5 times and liked a phrase or sentence "the best" different each time. I am so lucky to have found you, writing here, making me look at things in a new light. Some good, some bad...either way, I am smitten.

The Empress said...


Oh, poets.

How they change the world from ordinary to something that feels like we're living on another plane.

My favorite is the company she keeps: she is among Jesus and Buddha.

Right on up there.

Very fun, cool, and not syrupy, but just "high five, dude."

Lots of fun.

Thank you for an escape from planet Earth and the dishes for awhile.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks for the sugar:)

i changed silver chain to green. i think it picks up the preceding stained glass image.

Kelley said...

I love "I see you’re as popular as ever, which I suppose means everything is right with the universe."--such opening snark. lol. I smiled.

Thank you for voting for me, btw! You're sweet to do it!

Wine and Words said...

Green chain of hop made of glass shards? Oh my...what an image. If ever I were to wear a necklace of hope, it would be that. Such a conflicted necklace suits me perfectly.

This was beautiful Ed. You have come into your stride here, at least for me. You found your muse in color.

Geraldine said...

Pure magic! You have a real gift Ed. Great to stop by and read this latest work.

Charles Elliott/Beautyseer said...

Fun. But beauty fades and she may not be able to command the gods and heroes forever. And you will be the one constant in her life.

Ed Pilolla said...

kelley, i'm a fan of that affectionate teasing tone, i confess:)

annie, thanks for the push(es:). i love the 2nd person voice.

geraldine, thank you.

charles, interesting thought...

Mama Zen said...

You are just an amazing writer, Ed.

robkistner said...

A piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

Arron Shilling said...

i liked the tone of this piece - amusing and cool with a great allusion to the Lord and the One.
very entertaining ed

Jo Bryant said...

Love where your mind takes you - wow

Glynn said...

You use words here like a skilled artist uses paint. It's captivating.

Evelyn said...

so intrigued by your style...

wolfsrosebud said...

the broken bottle used for stain glass... nice

She Writes said...

Jesus at the door and Buddha in the kitchen?! My god, Ed. I want to be there. It's a beautiful mix for a meal and conversation. What would Buddha cook is all I wanna know, never mind what Jesus would do. He's at the door.

EcoGrrl said...

i like this so much. that is all.

M said...

i wish someone would write me a poem like this.

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