July 10, 2011

The Arrival of Blue

The first color created was Blue.

Blue looked around and saw he was the only color there was, and so Blue got an attitude right away.

Blue declared himself the greatest color of all time and forever, and since no other color existed at the moment to challenge such an assertion, Blue’s declaration became the law of the land, according to Blue.

The second color created was Pink.

Blue understood that other colors would be arriving soon, and so, thinking tactically, Blue took Pink as a lover and dominated her, mostly by convincing her of the importance of birth order.

The third color created was Yellow, who appeared medicated and happy.

When Red arrived on the scene, Red tried to claim Pink as one of her own, as per common sense, according to Red, specifically that Pink is so obviously a shade of red. But Blue denied this, saying Pink was created before Red, so Red is no mother to her. This served to redden Red, for Red did not believe in the importance of birth order as Blue did, but rather, like all of us perhaps, she believed in her version of justice and the application of power to that end.

In the first great battle between Blue and Red over Pink and other things, nothing significant happened other than Blue surrendering quickly and Pink and Yellow retreating from the scene and meeting up with Green when she was born, and Pink and Yellow and Green quickly becoming best of friends before all the rest of the colors arrived.

Read part 2 here.


oceangirl said...

looking forward. is yellow male or female? i think i'm going to like yellow:)

Wild Rose said...

Am blue and i love blue so glad it was among your first colors my friend, see you soon :)

Wild Rose~

Brian Miller said...

smiles. some great metaphors you have going on there...did you write about colors not too long ago? is this an expansion of that?

ed pilolla said...

fazlisa, yellow is female. all colors, except for all the shades of blue, white and a few grays are female.

wild rose, blue is my fav, too. he's the star:)

brian, i wrote this feeding on the energy of writing about the birth of colors, which i wrote a few weeks ago.

oceangirl said...

then i won't like her as much:) but i sensed a great message coming.

ed pilolla said...

haha:) that cracks me up. she's a minor player anyway:)

The Empress said...

There is a language here that appeals to the little child in all of us.
That's what makes me not just read this, but enter it.

It's all imagination, and wishful...wouldn't it be great if this is what happened??

ed pilolla said...

alexandra, it did happen! you will see:)

Wine and Words said...

Birth of color
the arrival of blue
and all the experiencial between
as seedling to hue

ed pilolla said...

to the hue
what he leaves behind
tis the real find

Wine and Words said...

his mind
the treasure

ed pilolla said...

in the mind of blue
is poo
rich, fertile poo

-- from the notes of candy apple red, who served as red's assistant for about two years.

Wine and Words said...

LOL. Where do I go from there?


Claudia said...

...thinking tactically, Blue took Pink as a lover and dominated her...this almost made me fall off my chair...cool write ed...was busy lately...but good to be back to read your stuff..

Tori said...

I LOVE blue! Blue is real, but I think yellow is great. :)