July 21, 2011

Dark Blue's Move

With Dark Blue, you found yourself staring deep into his color in an attempt to glimpse what was going on beneath his surface, largely because things were definitely going on beneath the surface. At times, it looked as if dragons were flying behind Dark Blue’s grainy clouds. Others said the winged creatures looked more like sparrows. In fact it was Blue, speaking through Pink (this occurred during the time Blue and Pink were together), who made the observation that Dark Blue could show everyone what lurked beneath his surface but chose not to, thus leaving everyone in the dark completely, which wasn’t very community-oriented. 

Dark Blue heard this criticism while in the initial stages of making his move and responded that anyone who wished to see what lurked beneath his surface was welcome to, but, in return, Dark Blue would like to see what lies beneath the surface of whoever looked beneath his.

This was an offer well received, with two notable exceptions: Ghost White, who resented not having the sort of dim allure that Dark Blue enjoyed and sought to create speculation about his own insides by passing on Dark Blue’s sneak-a-peek convention. Dark Blue also secured a backroom agreement not to call on any of the shady blues or Red to reveal their insides.

One by one the colors unsheathed themselves as Dark Blue called on them, revealing their insides. Beneath the surface of Burgundy was the taste of wine. Beneath the surface of Fuchsia were nine neon light bulbs. Beneath Yellow was a field of sunflowers.

Dark Blue did not forget which color was responsible for this show-and-tell convention and, before unveiling himself, Dark Blue called on Blue, who happened to be sitting in the last row of the balcony, slouched in his seat and leaning into Pink’s shoulder to try and avoid notice. So Blue, never one to wince at the spotlight when it shone on him, even when it was an obvious precursor to another doomed moment on display, gave everyone a peek beneath his firstborn surface, which revealed nothing more than a dyslexic 12-year-old boy with chocolate ice cream dripping from his chin lost in a crowd trying to find his mother. This scene brought laughs, mostly from the reds, which reassured Blue for no other reason than the reds still got an emotional response to his presence, and that might bode well for a future blending with Red herself, which Blue had not totally given up hope for.

When it was finally Dark Blue’s turn to uncover his surface, he revealed the winged creatures to be both dragons and sparrows, large sparrows with huge horns affixed to the head. And Pterodactyls. Every color in the audience paled at what they saw, except one: Gold.

Dark Blue’s intended move was to make a play for Lava, with the sands of Mars beneath her surface. But Gold, containing all the beauty and glitter required of an elite color, was the one so deficient in ugliness that she honored it when in its presence. And so Dark Blue, who would later comment that he wasn’t so much thinking tactically but rather allowing himself to organically follow the path toward happiness that the gods had suddenly laid out before him by way of Blue’s big yap, incredibly, shoved aside his feelings for Lava and especially Dark Yellow, with an albino python beneath her surface, and made a play for Gold. 

Dark Blue and Gold have been blending ever since, with the results that Gold, with evening sunlight beneath her surface, obtained a luster at times never seen before, and Dark Blue a shiny sheen that drove Blue himself crazy because Dark Blue was legitimately an elite color after his coupling with Gold.

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Brian Miller said...

ha, love the insights to what is beneath the surface of the colors...and he who has the Gold, you know...smiles.

She Writes said...

Coupling has made many legitimate and elite. I swear some never shine so beautifully as then. Gold made a good match, no?

ed pilolla said...

gold and dark blue are like the it couple, totally uninterested in whatever social status they could achieve with their popularity. or something:)

Wine and Words said...

I have a "lense" on my Hipstamatic that washes everything in the most amazing blue...freakishly saturated. I read this whole thing through that lense. It was cool :)

oceangirl said...

i am amazed at how succinct every layer, every colour, each of their story, their effect on blue, their temper, big role or small, right down to ghost white. i mentioned vindication for blue, you said he may not care, but this story of dark blue is a story for blue. you are an elegant writer.

The Empress said...

This one makes me think about blue: Is it shallow, or is it deep?

Like the saying, "in the eyes of teh beholder."

What an outline this could be to teach our children this.

This is truly wonderful, Ed...because it makes you think in a way you never have before.