July 19, 2011

Green's Observation

Green was the one who noticed the basic irony in the colors’ dual natures, which was their need to be together regularly along with their magic ability to conjure their very own dream house. Blue, upon hearing Green’s observation through Pink (Green’s observation occurred during the time Blue and Pink were together) attempted to offer an observation of his own in order to ‘keep pace’ as he described his actions to himself.

Blue cited irony in the fact that his house had been called the worst house among all the colors when in fact he doesn’t have a house. He lives on his mountaintop. Blue endured loud competing streams of commentary focused mainly on what a buffoon he was for trying to ‘keep pace,’ which Blue while inebriated at the local tavern had acknowledged to be his motivation from time to time. Other colors parroted the jingle in the dominant narrative that said something about wherever a color lived constituted his or her home. 

Blue said the narrative had been written by Red and was inaccurate. Red, as always in reply to such attacks, ignored Blue.

Just as Yellow was not the only color who medicated, Blue was not the only color without a house. However, no one, including Blue, wanted to inject the sad subject of the colors living in cardboard boxes on the street into the public conversation for fear of being labeled an ‘entertainment downer,’ which was also the term Blue quietly used to describe himself after his second banishment. Besides, Blue didn’t like his conversation topics rejected by either popular opinion or the shady blues.

Green’s observation was also a wake up call of sorts for herself. If such a harmless comment grew to religious fodder for everyone, what exactly was she at liberty to say without it being passed around gospel? Blue became aware of Green’s megaphone-like abilities after nearly every other color had already arrived at this conclusion but he would not have believed the chronology. Again Blue was touched with a fleeting fancy for Green that efficiently slipped to Red before Yellow.

Yellow interrupted Blue’s fanciful thoughts and everyone else’s when she conjured her own home, which looked very much like Green’s and was situated next door to Green’s. There were differences, mostly having to do with certain flowers and plants favored over others and a larger sun room for Yellow, whose home contained a nicer guest quarters than any other home, consequently making Yellow’s home a destination and Yellow a little bit of a host. 

Yellow and Green still lived together. They just had two earthen houses separated and connected by a sprawling garden that may or may not have been magical. Since the colors moved at the speed of thought, there was no logical reason to live next door to anyone. For example, Ultra Pink lived on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, in a penthouse with a sunken living room and the work of truly up-and-coming artists hanging on the wall. Traversing to Ultra Pink’s home took just as long as getting to Indigo’s rundown though still quite nice California beach mansion or Tuscan Red’s villa in the old country.

Yellow or Green could have whisked themselves away at the speed of thought to the other’s front door but they preferred the short walk across the grounds.

During a night of partying at Yellow’s, Green put White out the front gate by his ear after catching him peeing on the plants on the grounds. Predictably, Green’s bouncing White from the premises in the appropriate bad child-like manner vaulted her to goddess status among the colors, and not just among those who described themselves as 'Pro-Pink.' In the wake of White's ejection, it was speculated that Green might take on Red. But Green put those rumors to rest by hosing Red for tea in the garden and was later seen laughing and making small talk with Red at Ultra Pink’s party. 

In this writer’s opinion it would not be inaccurate to say that both colors were unwilling to take on the other at this point, with Green respecting the power of Red and Red respecting the popularity of Green. So the sort of traditional color battle as established by Blue and Powder Blue versus Red never transpired between Red and Green, and both colors were satisfied they were operating in the best interests of their side.


She Writes said...

Why oh why when partying does someone always feel the need to pee on the plants? That is a party foul if ever there was one... At least if one is spotted in the act :).

Ed you are on a roll!

Ed Pilolla said...

haha:) thanks. i'm enjoying writing this.

Brian Miller said...

fab write ed...and sorry about the plants i will get you a new one...smiles. by the ear is not a fun way to go at all...lol

oceangirl said...

i thought i was going to give white a chance but he was ejected out real quick. who else is there? pale of grays?

Wine and Words said...

"Just as Yellow was not the only color who medicated, Blue was not the only color without a house." We do so like to categorize, don't we...as if doing so is salve to the mind having to think creatively...outside the boundaries we imagine. What color is negativity? Someone told me this evening..."You are so friggin' negative!" To which I replied, "Did you just meet me? Would you rather sit here across from someone who says 'Life is so peachy. Don't you just love the color peach? I think that painting on the wall is divine, and all the people in here just fabulous. I am complete and utterly content."

Ha. They shut up. Thank goodness. I can't take any one of a thing or emotion for long. It's a curse I suppose. Thankful for so many colors and the stories you tell of them!

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

I loved it. Wishes!!!

The Empress said...

This is the thing about this series:

You have done an amazing thing here, truly:

You write about colors in a way that opens up a new realm of thought.

You keep the adult intrigued, yet a child would eat this up, too.

It's almost as if it's someone else pushing your pen: it is that magical.