July 26, 2011

Pink Pretends

Green and Yellow were close friends and all the colors understood this, but Pink and Ultra Pink were genuinely regarded as thick as thieves. Pink was cheery to be out and about with Ultra Pink. They ‘got’ each other. They liked to have fun, and if other colors resented them for having fun and looking good doing it, that was their problem.

They didn't just have fun while together. They also helped each other out by way of listening. Pink talked to Ultra Pink over coffee about True Blue and how she enjoyed her time with True Blue. They had fun on their dates. Pink wasn’t sorry they swirled. But she couldn’t get into True Blue. After breaking up with True Blue, Pink felt better about herself.

Over sangria at Linen White's party, Ultra Pink told Pink that she would like to meet someone special, too, and that’s exactly what happened: Ultra Pink fell madly in love with Bermuda Blue, who was bartending Linen White's party, and Bermuda Blue went ahead and fell madly in love with Ultra Pink. Right away, they brought each other cupcakes and within weeks they alternated time throughout the day between his hut on the beach and her penthouse on 5th Avenue. Ultra Pink was so happy and so ultra pink.

How could it be so easy for Ultra Pink? Ultra Pink had exactly what Pink wanted and was searching for: Big Love. Pink had little big love with Blue and White. It just didn’t work out. That’s why she had little big love with them and not Big Love. Big Love was when it worked out.

Pink accepted an invitation from Ultra Pink to go on a double date with Bermuda Blue’s buddy, Sky Blue, who was always talking about how he can see you no matter where you are. It was creepy. Pink swirled with him for fun, but she wasn’t interested in him. No, Pink would know instantly when Big Love arrived. A large part of this belief was based on Ultra Pink’s stating matter-of-factly that she knew Bermuda Blue was The One right away.

Pink had tried to make things work with True Blue, to her credit. This effort revealed her seriousness in the cause of finding that Big Love. Pink could believe nothing other than Big Love was right around the corner. In the next day or week, Pink was going to meet a special color. If she wanted to spend all her time with him, then that was the blue worth considering. Big Love was close. She just knew it.

When Big Love didn’t arrive in a timely manner, or a tardy manner, Pink became concerned. She pretended to be more happy than she really was over espresso with Ultra Pink, who inquired about Pink’s state of mind but Pink claimed to be nothing but happy and pink. Just a little tired.

After espressos, Pink blended with Blue and felt better for a little while, which was better than nothing. Then Blue kicked her off his mountaintop and Pink felt worse than ever.

Here's the next part.


Brian Miller said...

ugh...i know this story all too well...a little blending and then kicked to the curb...sheesh...

Wine and Words said...

Who doesn't fall in love with the bartender? I mean...come on...that's what they hire them for, the big flirts.

Little big love. gulp. Been there. Done that.

ed pilolla said...

i don't know how these story threads come together just yet. they might not. i'm having fun:)