July 27, 2011

Blue Busts Through

Blue was beginning to recognize his extreme nature, having to do with his interest in solitude on his mountaintop and insatiable interest in popularity among the colors. This duality of his may have been mentioned by Green, but Blue was certain he had thought of it first.

Blue decided to do a little investigating, not about himself but rather for himself. In the end, Blue was significantly less interested in why he sought solitude than in becoming popular. And Blue was already looking forward to his own conclusions, for Blue believed that when he applied his mind and vision in a concentrated manner, he would, if given time, discover something worth discovering.

As the master shape changer he was, Blue took the form of a color that hadn’t even been born yet, Cool Beige, and began mingling among the colors. He quizzed them as to their interests, what they liked to do for entertainment, what TV shows they watched, what blogs they read. If any of the colors did any creative writing recently, Blue made a point to read it. Eventually, Blue drew conclusions he believed were both profound and unique: The colors liked to have fun, and they liked to talk about god.

After what was at most an hour of total research, which includes both general interaction with various colors totaling two, question-and-answer with them, research online and conclusion drawing while medicating, Blue was eager to share his discoveries. At the next house party, which happened to be that evening at Violet’s home in Miami, Blue cornered White because Blue wanted to impress the color generally considered not likely to be an idiot-- a major jerk, certainly, but not an idiot.

After fetching White a gin and tonic, White complimented Blue on his conclusions, which were both deep and timely. Not only would Blue be able to use this information for his own personal gain, but Blue could then pass it on to the rest of society for its betterment.

About Blue’s conclusions, White had a couple thoughts. First, as to god: If you wanted to make more friends and become more popular, you called it God, not god. But you wouldn’t write it that way. Colors that liked to talk about God would not approve of referring to God as it. God is He. God can be She, too. That sort of thing is gaining in popularity, but stick to He. It's more conventional, a larger net. Of course, be respectful and reverent and positive. And understand that any color who describes him or herself as respectful or reverent or positive or anything else publicly may very well be the other way on the meter privately.

Second, as to having fun: Don’t so much as even refer to things that make others sad, like the colors living on the street or the industrialization of the small colors. The colors don’t want to hear those things. They want to feel good about themselves and believe that there’s nothing sinister about Red or the shady blues and what they are up to and how what they are up to affects God's favorite creation.

Blue nodded to everything White had to say. Blue found himself feeling good, believing that White did not tell him anything he didn’t already know about his own insights.

Here's the next part.


oceangirl said...

this is wow and woah, funny and spooky, insightful and trivial, blue is a genius and a goofball:)

ps: i don't think cool beige ever existed.

Brian Miller said...

ha. fun stuff...sounds like some fake it til yo make it material, only saying good things and only refering to god as he....i am not good at keeping in line...smiles...

ed pilolla said...

blue is the proverbial fool on the path. all things are available to him.

The Empress said...

This one on blue, sounds like it could have been written by someone a hundred years old: all the life experience in it.

This is really a wonderful series.

i can see such a wide audience for it, and for those who want something else for their children.
And for themselves:

I love this series, b/c I keep thinking: we are all colors, aren't we?