July 18, 2011

Pink's Situation, and Yellow's

Pink’s situation was that Blue didn’t miss her. At least that was her situation according to Blue. Blue missed the blending, and other things, too. Mostly the blending. He didn’t miss Pink.

Pink didn’t miss Blue either. Pink loved White. And White was super white-hot for Pink. 

This according to Pink.

White and Pink were going to make beautiful colors together someday.

Pink, as second born, allowed herself that it was inevitable to have fallen for Blue like she did. She had been born into a blue world. How could she not love the sole god of that world. White was different. White spoke of spirits and history and blended like a predator, which Pink enjoyed very much, believing only she had such an effect on White. 

According to those in her attendance, Pink was said to be in shock after learning of the white and light purple-colored swirl behind the basement bar at Indigo’s house party. Yellow stayed with Pink all night. Pink wondered what went wrong and where White went wrong, quite obviously ushering her thoughts away from her own role. Letting her guard down finally, Pink said, “Light Purple?? I’m better than Light Purple!”

By the time Yellow left, Pink was not only feeling better, she was close to normal and on the prowl again. This was Yellow’s assessment, and it was indeed accurate.

Yellow believed that if she stopped taking medication she might act very much like Pink. For the record, Yellow was happy being yellow, and she planned on remaining yellow, and that meant not having pink-like behavior characteristics. Yellow was interested in balance, and if she required medication to achieve such balance, well, there wasn’t a difficult decision to make. 

Yellow lived with Green. It was difficult to say where the garden ended and where the Green’s house began. Green’s house was one of the most special houses of any of the colors, and there were many, many special houses among the colors.

Yellow lived with Green because Yellow moved from friend to friend with the seasons. Yellow was nomadic, and Pink welcomed Yellow into her home that night when she needed sisterly comfort, as well as other nights when she didn't need anything. That’s what Yellow did. Yellow went where she was wanted and welcomed.

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She Writes said...

Hah! Ed :). You have colored human nature quite nicely here.

I love it when pink compares herself, "Light purple?? I am better than light purple!"

Ah, how women do this to themselves. As if my thinking I am better matters in the scheme of it all when my boyfriend likes someone else.

Yellow stands redeemed.

Wine and Words said...

"Yellow believed that if she stopped taking medication she might act very much like Pink."

Your involvement with these colors is fascinating. Their human characteristics draw me in. I see myself across the spectrum, as if I am a can of paint being fashioned with a drop of this, and a drop of that.

Claudia said...

i know them all...some fun parts and some deep parts in this ed - blue missed the blending but didn't miss pink...made me feel sad..

Brian Miller said...

yes they seem like a familiar characters to me...and in some i see myself...

The Empress said...

Isn't it funny that yellow is my favorite color?

I have LOVED this series.


oceangirl said...

when i read the first chapter i didn't imagine that you would take us on this mystical saga. you paint colors on colors and give them vivid tempers. and your writing style is developed yet childlike, so drawing.