July 11, 2011

The Rise and Fall of Powder Blue

About the time Red banished Blue, as it was told, Powder Blue began the sort of public preening that prompted immediate speculation Blue had taken over Powder Blue’s shade and was seeking to regain his self-perceived exulted status through impersonation.

The majority of the colors seemed to like a good show, especially if it had a decent chance to end up as a train wreck, and so Powder Blue was encouraged.

The colors were correct to be entertained by Powder Blue but skeptical of his ability to achieve anything worth achieving, evidenced by Powder Blue’s assurances of how “on-the-ball” he was. The colors laughed at Powder Blue’s “performance idiocy,” as they called it, yet Powder Blue interpreted the laughs to mean love, and so Powder Blue was well constructed to function, some of the colors argued. The architect that put together Powder Blue clearly knew some tricks. Hence further speculation that the dysfunctional Blue had returned as Powder Blue.

Eventually, the colors supported Powder Blue’s ascension as the “top collah,” which Powder Blue called himself repeatedly, annoying so many of the colors that a revolt nearly occurred. Powder Blue settled his fellow colors down over drinks at Hansa Yellow's house party, however. And while the colors were all liquored up and once again supporting Powder Blue as the “top collah,” Powder Blue took the opportunity of near unanimous support (Tropical Blue was passed out) to waltz over to Red and say, “What say we get it on, hon.”

Well, the blush that came over Red as a result of the spontaneity of a certain outrageous prick was about the funniest thing the colors had seen in their short lives. Laughter rumbled through every shade in attendance of these events, and every shade of every color was in attendance, for these were the first days that the colors had been created and a pecking order was being developed, at least according to Blue.

Red, on the other hand, would have argued that a pecking order had already been firmly established, with Red at the head of all the colors. The events that ensued after Powder Blue’s offer of relations essentially confirmed the existing pecking order.

What happened was Powder Blue should have taken his lumps from Red, it was agreed later. He would have been beloved. But Powder Blue ran from Red like a scared dog, or man. At least Blue had taken his lumps from Red before surrendering unconditionally, the colors noted.

Powder Blue did not make any public appearances for quite a long time, instead choosing to imbibe considerably with Tropical Blue and other shady blues, which eliminated further speculation that Blue himself had been impersonating Powder Blue and raised hopes that Blue would return someday, which excited Pink but also caused her visible anxiety, too.

Some colors began discussing the possibility that they didn’t need a leader at all. Other than brief stints of mostly poor entertainment, each of the two alleged leaders of the blues had done nothing but demonstrate his considerable jackass tendencies, which didn’t help the popular cause among the young blues to hook up with other shades of colors.

This effort to go leaderless and promote an anarchist image for the benefit of society at large as well as to aid in the eternal cause of blending with other colors persisted until Royal Blue, at the urging of the shady blues, came along with his plan for making the blues great once again.

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Jodie said...

Love it! Very clever.

Brian Miller said...

the quest for signifigance and power...why is it we chace the exertion of our will...onto others...

Alexandra said...

Loved this!

Claudia said...

ah...the shady blues...what a perfect ending...you know how much i love to play the blues...right..?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad they learned to get along.

Anonymous said...

Very clever! Love it!

Tori said...

Very creative, Ed!
I love all shades of blue...even when I know I shouldn't. ;)