July 12, 2011

The Presence of Green

I won’t bore you with Royal Blue’s attempt at greatness that ended without a whiff of greatness, or even acceptability. I will instead introduce you to Green.

Green was born into this world while Red was administering an ass whoopin’ to Blue. Green doesn’t remember the words they used against each other as much as she understood what they were really saying. Behind her words, Red was saying to Blue something to the effect of, I’d-love-you-if-you-were-just-a-little-different. And Green translated rather easily Blue’s statements to Red to mean, I-love-you-so-much-I-could-never-possibly-admit-it.

Green saw that Pink was a product of this dysfunctional environment while Yellow appeared medicated and just fine.

Despite her birth order, Green became the older sister to Pink and Yellow. So Green and Red agreed that birth order didn’t mean much. But they disagreed in their perspective of Blue.

Green loved Blue just the way he was.

Now imagine the depth of the color that loves another which happens to be taking an ass whoopin’ at the time. Green was special, and everyone understood this. If you believe legends, or this account, Green remains the only color who ever saw its own spirit.

Then there was Blue. Blue not only noticed Green’s love while he took that ass whoopin’, but he also had the wherewithal to reflect upon what a dynamic personality he must have in order to take notice during an such an ordeal.

After the ordeal that was an ass whoopin’ but before his banishment, Blue, for strategic reasons he could not explain as well as the comfort factor that he could, elected to have a tryst with Pink.

Blue would have better served saying nothing more and attempting to visit no one else on his way out. But Blue, figuring he had acquired some sort of mojo following his mechanical tryst with Pink, shocked everyone by sweating and panting and saying, “I love you” to Red.

The roll of Red’s eyes set all the shades of red afire with giggles, and many other colors, too. The laughs and the roll of the eyes caused panic inside Blue, who searched out Green and gave her a look that said ‘I sure screwed up.’

For actual tactical reasons, Green did not respond. Her decision to demur was based on the fact that she wasn’t particularly thrilled with Blue’s actions at the time, certainly, but she also held out from answering because hers would have predictably been without affection and she might at some point in the future be so inclined not to requite the boy’s love, though that was difficult to image at the moment.

So it wasn’t Red who banished Blue, although Red did not deny subsequent statements from random shades that she in fact banished Blue, so that’s what everyone came to believe. But Blue was the one who banished himself. Blue looked around and saw all the good will he could have created as the first-born color and all the friendships and relationships he could have nurtured and grown. But he hadn’t done those things.

Blue reflected that perhaps if he had been more assertive with Red, she would have submitted to him and everything would have been different. Everything would have been perfect. And so Blue assigned himself the banishment that would last as many days as needed so that Blue would return only when he had trained himself to be more assertive with colors he really wanted to blend with.

Here's the next part.


oceangirl said...

oh i see..it looks like blue will be vindicated in the end..yes, no?

Brian Miller said...

well they seem to have a very typical marriage relationship...more assertive, i dunno, think the cycle might be a bit ingrained....

She Writes said...

I should have known yellow was medicated! It all makes sense now ;). Blue, why oh why did he choose Red?

Fun piece, Ed. So glad you are telling your tales again. It's funny how you miss people's writing style after reading them long enough. I missed yours. It's good to see it coming back!

ed pilolla said...

fazlisa, vindication for blue? possibly. he might argue that he was vindicated. or he might not be interested in it all. it's hard to tell with blue:)

brian, it is worth noting how our interactions with certain people don't really change much, how they become ingrained quite quickly.

amy, blue might say he didn't choose red, but rather she was chosen for him, which, if true, allows for alternatives, which might not be as appealing to blue in the moment as red appears, but exists nonetheless for future use.

thanks so much fer readin':)

Claudia said...

goodness...your colors have personality...i like that Green loved Blue just the way he was...and somehow i start to think people i know into these colors...smiles