April 1, 2010

unfaithful moon

So the earth and moon are feuding, and for the first time in history. Well, some of us saw this coming.

For billions of years the earth and moon have held each other in a kissing contest. That’s what gravity is, a pull, a perpetual touch, cosmic contact. Fools think the stars just sit there. But they are locked in everlasting kisses with other stars holding each other up. And our moon and earth, so close together, have been Frenching for a long time now.

Then you came along, with that lanky walk of yours, and the way you push up your glasses. And if that wasn’t enough, that little laugh of yours and that tiny smile. And now the moon refuses to vacate its perch atop your rooftop.

Well, like I said, some of us saw this coming the first time we saw those legs of yours.


Ed Pilolla said...

test-test (yeah, i'm testing)

Ed Pilolla said...

testing to see if i can get those pants off from a few thousand miles away:)

Love, Evolution, and Resilience said...

OK, so I was all excited and sultry feeling then I read the first comment and thought 'me too'! LOL! She's a lucky woman.