April 26, 2010

The Goddess Hunter

I've tracked you for thousands of years. You left a sheet of ice across the far side of Saturn. You burned a path through the sun. You touched my face during a sandstorm in the Sahara.

I read the terrain and followed.

Every century, since the birth of life, the stars have said to carry on. And so I have.

Along the way I have lost everything, gladly. For I am a goddess hunter. And now, finally, this journey of epochs is coming to a close.

The scars through my heart are real. Yet it beats. I have lived the prophecy. Dark forces could not stop me. I walked through demons. I cured ghosts. Witches sat at my feet.

And now I am knocking at your door. You live in this smog city among these ordinary people who have no idea who you really are. But I do.

The door is open. I enter. A thousand candles are burning on the floor. You are waiting, with a flower in your hair. The search, my darling, is truly over. 



Katie M said...

Love this: "The scars through my heart are real. Yet it beats." It's resilient and hopeful. Keep 'em coming friend...xoxo

ed said...

thanks so much, katie.:)

Tori said...

Very nice...as usual. :)