April 28, 2010

Preacher Girl

You were there, when I fell through a galaxy to the bottom of a black hole and into the valley of my life. It was your spirit that found me dead on some deserted moon. It was your spirit that warmed my chest and turned the light on again behind my eyes.

I caught up with you in Paris. We slept on a busted futon. We held hands. I touched your face. We rode bicycles around the city. We got to share in that grown-up moment together when the Love and Peace Hostel told us we were too old to lodge there. (Though just barely:)

It is indeed true that you have led at times, and I have led at times. Partnership is what it's called.

How exactly am I supposed to guage my rising tide of love for you, with seismic meters and gadgets?

I cherish our history, all of it, in Los Angeles and Portland. It's the special people that can place the pain behind them and evolve into the next level of their relationship. Of course, everything I know about being special I learned from your French spirit. My love, when you brought me back to life, I became your personal artist forever. And more. I'm blowing a kiss into the northern sky as I post this and it ought to be arriving on your lips right about...now.


wendryn said...

I really like this. Especially "It is indeed true that you have led at times, and I have led at times. Partnership is what it's called."


Very nice!

Tamara said...

I remember listening to your story on our way to, then in, and on the way back from Pasadena. Some part of me knew, as you told it, that I had just found a long lost part of myself. Thank God we were far enough along the journey not to throw it away when it didn't turn into the picture perfect romance (I was still young enough to assume it would). Partnership indeed...in a way that has shown me what that actually is, what it can be. We danced our way into a new paradigm--stepping on each other's toes a few times to be sure--but ultimately finding our groove. In that groove, I have experienced my own authentic movement in radically new ways. Thank you dear one, for this dance.

Tori said...

so sweet and tender. what's not to love.

thinkingtoohard said...

This is so beautiful and touching, Ed. AUTHENTIC - thank you.
I'm interested in seeing where this story goes. It's far from over.

ed said...

thanks for the love, all. tam, ours is a relationship that will continue to reveal ourselves to ourselves, will continue to birth joy. you're outrageously beautiful. i've read your response a few times. as you know, i love it and hate it that you are so fucking brilliant:)