April 15, 2010

Orange Embers

Feel like melting my core?

Want your embers stirred up like a nest of fireflies?

While we're at it, how's about rattling the bones of our ancestors?

Then let's test a little theory of mine:

I think Moses really brought down from the mountain a simple set of directions for true love. But I don't think the people in charge really wanted everyone to be free so they carved a bunch of common sense rules into a few stone tablets, opened a police department, built a church and temple and started selling souvenirs on the plaza.

The good news is I know the secret location of the true love directions. If you hold real still, with your face turned fully toward the afternoon sunlight, your ass out, that tiny smile of yours barely suppressed, then the ancient lettering will magically glow orange on the bottom of your heart. Hold still, I'm going in to have a look. Don't laugh, or I won't be able to see it. Then we'll have to do this all over again later.

Oh, well. Later it is. I'm determined to prove this theory correct by making my find, my dear. Remember, this is for the benefit of all humanity that we're doing this so I'm going to want to double-check, after I triple-check. Hey, this is serious stuff.


Wendryn said...

I like it! Especially this: "Want your embers stirred up like a nest of fireflies?" Very effective image.

Anonymous said...

mildly irreverent, and i love it. made me smile, inside and out. weren't the leaves orange that october weekend?

Tori MacLennan said...

Very clever! Funny!

thinkingtoohard said...

"like embers on the bottom of your heart" . . . fucking delicious.
You never cease to inspire me.

Lori said...

You definitely stir things up.

ed said...

thanks. i love being playful like this. moses too:)