August 22, 2011

The Forest in the Sky

The stars hang on giant black forest trees. The father of creation planted the forest before the beginning of time and now the trees fill the universe. He smithed the stars between his fingertips, lit them with his breath and placed them in the crooks of the great branches.

The stars squawked if placed too far away from earth. The old man answered the loudmouths by filling the back rows first so their light could get a jumpstart.

The stars were meant to decorate the giant forest trees, but the stars ended up as the sensation. No one noticed the ancient, magical branches holding up the stars, and so the trees naturally gave way and became invisible over time, choosing instead to reflect the glow of their own popular ornaments.

Winter, undistracted beneath her clear skies, saw this history beyond the moon and fell in love with the forest.

But Winter could not leave without leaving someone in charge. Winter controlled Fire. Winter ruled Rain. Only the wind was loose in the dead of winter, and so the Wind took charge while Winter went away.

Winter travelled to the secret forest in the sky, and the trees embraced her. The branches held her. The forest loved her in a way only a magic forest could.

Winter felt more special than ever dusting the black forest behind the stars. 

That first season the forest took her away, snow creatures paying attention wondered whether Winter would return to meet Spring. Truth was, she didn’t, at least not right away. Spring started growing babies in the land without going through Winter first.

But Winter came quickly, and Spring smiled when she did. Winter did that with Spring.

This is the sixth part of The Seasons. Here's the next part.


Brian Miller said...

this is beautifully the image of great trees holding up the stars...nicely done ed...

Marion said...

Freakin' awesome write, Ed. I love it. It reminds me of a poem by my favorite poet...ME! Here's my poem:

Winter Trees
By Marion

The trees are all bare tonight,
their gangly limbs
bony-fingered arrows
pointing to the ghostly full moon
shining luminously overhead,
casting murky shadows
on the frozen ground.

Unearthly they seem---
like beings from another realm,
vulnerable and naked,
yet sure of who they are---
watched over
by the stars.

Wine and Words said...

LOVED this:

The father of creation planted the forest before the beginning of time and now the trees fill the universe. He smithed the stars between his fingertips, lit them with his breath and placed them in the crooks of the great branches.

And Marions poem. I am wanting some time now to appreciate the branches. But they are clothed for another month or so. Come winter, I will pay homage.

Ed Pilolla said...

brian, thanks. enjoy your b-day.

marion, love your poem. they do seem like otherly being, like sentinels watching over the land.

annie, you get snow on branches near you? i is jealous:)

Claudia said...

seeing history beyond the moon and falling in love with the forest...i fell in love with the forest as well...a magical write ed

Deidra said...

Really beautiful. The trees holding up the stars and the old man creating the stars between his fingertips. Great images of the magnitude of it all!

Wine and Words said...

Clothed with leaves...not snow. Heh. I wish. We get about as much snow as you do. ZILCH!

Yvonne Osborne said...

A beautiful poem with a fairy tale feel. I love the last line.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much, ya'all:)

annie, that's what i figured:(

darlin said...

Another fabulous piece Ed. I can imagine Spring missing Winter and embracing it when it returns. Winter takes on a masculine role to me and Spring is definitely feminine... that's how my imagination has it. Why I separated them into gender roles I have no idea. Maybe I'll pull out my psyc books and revisit Freud and see what he says about this! lol

Have a fantastic week!

Ed Pilolla said...

thank, darlin. i also went back and forth on the genders. it's tough to argue against a female spring. so i won't:) i just had to have the same gender opposite each other with this storyline, so with a female spring i get a female autumn. i like a female summer.
it was fun tinkering with this. thanks for the sugar:) have a great week, too.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Ed, I like the idea of black space being a black forest. Yes, indeed. The blackness has always fascinated me more than the stars. I just can't believe there is nothing in that blackness.

Mama Zen said...

This is so good!

Heaven said...

I like the idea of the trees becoming invisible so the stars shown.. a creative decription of the galaxy.

I thought maybe this looks better (only a suggestion) :
"Only the wind was loose in the dead of winter" to "set loose"

I like that idea of the winter loving the forest... great series you have here~

She Writes said...

Ed, I have been gone from blogging and I see you are telling a story. Beautiful write. I will have to come back and read when i can.

Ciara said...

Wow, this is beautiful!

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much for the sugar:)

ed pilolla said...

heaven, so it would be 'was set loose' instead of 'was loose' and i'm reluctant to add a word. i see the image you want there. i like it:)
i actually had an image of winter not leaving someone in charge but by virtue of her absence wind is in charge, becuz he is the only one free of winter of the elements. i so like these characters:)