August 1, 2011

Blue and Red

When Blue received the call, he knew what he was going to do. Since the beginning of time, Blue had a celebratory couple hours planned for the moment after he obtained Red. However, Blue moved the celebratory activities up on his schedule ahead of commencement activities and though Blue probably knew any celebrating ought to be done afterward, he simply could not resist. First, Blue took a stroll through the park during which time he bellowed an impromptu scream of triumph, along with fist-pumping, smiling at the birds and later skipping over the lawn with his hands clenched behind his back, something he didn’t even realize he was doing.

Red had sent Rose to inform Blue that Red was interested. Blue could have simply said yes. Instead, Blue told Rose he was interested and looking forward to the communion. Rose smirked while texting Blue’s response to Red, and Blue’s interpretation of said facial expression was Rose possessed inside knowledge that Red felt the same way he did.

Everything in the world made sense now to Blue, from why he had been born first to why he passed on blending with Orange. Blue was meant for Red, and everything was a means to that divine end. There are no mistakes in one’s time on this planet if it leads to what you desire most. Blue was going to spread his vision of the kingdom of god and the meaning of life. He had the ability to baptize now that he was, or would soon be, with Red.

In fact, Blue took notice that he suddenly possessed the odd inclination to exercise and even meditate and understood that Red was already a good influence in his life. When Blue thought about blending with Red, he became light-headed, which never happened during any of his actual blending experiences with other colors, predictably totaling far fewer than Blue claimed on all occasions.

Speculation over Red’s sudden interest in Blue fell into two categories, exclusively. Many colors, inheriting the label of cynic, claimed Red was using her play for Blue as a distraction from the other issues no one liked to talk about anyway. Other colors said Red was genuinely interested in giving it a go with the firstborn color and had been planning this for a while, which Rose was willing to corroborate.

Blue asked Red through Rose to meet on a grassy knoll overlooking a silver lake. Red accepted through Rose. When Blue and Red met on the knoll, Blue surprised Red by appearing without fever and telling her she looked very red and very beautiful. Red experienced what might have been the first truly normal interactive moment with Blue in pursuit and made the mistake of considering the possibility that this arrangement might yield something worthwhile.

Blue wanted this moment to be truly memorable, especially for Red. He had been waiting for so long. Red would later describe Blue as a sugar-deficient kid in a candy store. Blue insisted on blending in the most unconventional manner, repeatedly. Blue’s suggestions were so unconventional, in fact, that the blending wasn’t working and instead of suggesting something more conventional in order to achieve success, Blue continued to push the unconventional in the hopes of achieving the memorable. And memorable he achieved, but not anything like he intended. Red became aware she was participating in the most regrettable first-time blending experience of her life.

Eventually, they blended, but afterwards Red told Blue it wasn’t going to work out. Blue insisted on a second chance. Red said it wasn’t going to happen. Red would rather face insurrection led by Electric Pink than blend with Blue again.

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Brian Miller said...

ouch. that one is cold man...i feel for blue...

She Writes said...

Oh dear! Blue has missed something terribly significant for all his intentions. Red's ideas of blending :). Nicely written, Ed! The tension was wrenching and I believed.

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