June 15, 2010

Stars in the Dust Bunnies

I've worked as an apprentice to my master for eons. "I'm going to run this place someday," I declared my first day. My master repeated "someday," and I've been sweeping the floor ever since.

This isn't The Karate Kid where I'm learning Kung Fu moves with every push of my broom. No, my master is simply holding me to my own words.

Be careful what you say. Someone important might overhear and whisper, "Your wish is my command."

At the same time, don't hold back. Be honest. Live out loud. The master honors transparency. But don't be disrespectful, or arrogant. The master does not value disrespect or arrogance, not because he is easily offended, but because disrespect and arrogance do nothing for us.

Find the good in life. It's there. But also experience the valleys for what they're worth. Live from the heart. Understand that our struggle is about progression. And our journey through this world is ultimately about finding peace.

Sound difficult to follow these stars in the sky? Yeah, well, that's why I'm still sweeping the floor.


French Fancy said...

They always say 'be careful for what you wish for'. I wished for the right man. a house in the country and the chance to give up working - I got all three. The man is lovely, the house is lovely - but sometimes I do get a bit bored.

You carry on sweeping the floor with your wonderful words, Ed. You are now clamped to my sidebar where I can keep better track of you

Ocean Girl said...

Let's live in this moment, let's forget we are running out of time.

Brian Miller said...

ha. sweeping the floor builds character though, and has taught you something, otherwise you could not have granted us such wisdom...smiles.

Wanderlust said...

Hmmm... maybe this explains my life.

I like this one.

Ed Pilolla said...

french fancy, wishes do come true. lately i've been remembering some of the things i've wished for and my life makes more sense. if only i could update my wishes daily, or perhaps begin to think more long term:)

ocean girl, i love that.

brian miller, sweeping the floor does build character, for sure! that's what my dad used to tell me and now i reassure myself.

wanderlust, wishes don't explain a lot of things for a lot of people, but for some of us they perhaps explain lots.

Andrea said...

I am taking this course (self improvement) in which the teacher says, "You are the infinite power and presence of God here to play in the limited game called the human experience." I think it is true. Your post just reminded me of that teaching.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Letting go and enjoying the process of sweeping the floor. When I forget, I get out of whack like now. Thanks for the reminder.

Wine and Words said...

You are sweeping floors, I am cleaning toilets. I'd prefer to swap jobs, but know the master is not that kind, nor would I wish mine on you. So let's meet in the maintenance closet. I'll give you a sip from my flask, you...a drag from your cigarette. And this is how it goes...how we make it through...together.

Bernie said...

Even words can build character Ed, you are doing very well my friend.
.........:-) Hugs

Anjuli said...

What a wise post! Yes, the valleys have things have worth- and if we are always trying to get around the valley - or by pass it- we miss out on what life really has to offer.

Tori said...

"Live out loud." I love this. The universe works in mysterious ways. A reminder is good every once in awhile. :)

Kay said...

the world need floor sweepers to... look at em shine! Taking pride in what you do is the key to success, it never goes unrecognized

Ed Pilolla said...

andrea, you give me too much credit. but i'll take it:) i look back and say, wow, all that happened because of that little-big decision i made. or maybe that decision made me. everything in this world seems self-induced. then other times i feel helpless, but when i'm balanced it feels awful self-induced.

su-sieee! mac, there's something honorable about doing the basic things in life. it's weird how our culture looks down upon those honorable jobs. and i do too, a part of me anyway, because we can't totally escape our culture.

wine and words, i like the way you think. if i was smoking something, it wouldn't be a cigarette. and thus the floors would get swept really well, but it would take me three hours to sweep a single kitchen. still, i like the way you think:)

bernie, but can words pay the bills? :) maybe someday.

anjuli, i'm only capable of assigning value to the valleys when i'm out of them. or think i'm out of them. hmmm, any difference between the two? truly, i don't know.

tori, living out loud for me means sobbing uncontrollably. sometimes. asking for loans other times:)

kay, your line reminds me of a line from caddyshack (yeah, i quote caddyshack, still. apologies.). ted knight has little sympathy for the caddy without the grades to get a scholarship and says, 'well, the world needs ditch-diggers too.'
i dig it! haw-haw.

She Writes said...

I like how you ended this. The last two lines together.

Ed Pilolla said...

she writes, thanks mucho.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I love this... Our struggle is about progression! Shoot, ain't that the truth! I wanna print this and plaster it on my wall!

DEZMOND said...

I think I'm more of the type who would create floors and worlds instead of sweeping them :PPP

Ed, your blog has a very unusual charm.

Ed Pilolla said...

love, evolution, and resilience, if our struggle isn't about progression, it's about self-discovery. what the diff? i don't know how we find peace without learning about ourselves first.

dezmond, thanks. i love your magical perspective.