February 19, 2010

census v

There were people of all ages taking this test to become a census worker. Young and old, and in-between. People in their seventies were taking the test, and not because they had nothing better to do. They needed the money. Everyone I talked to was actively looking for work, even if they already had a job. I might have been the only person who hadn’t been looking for a job during the past five years. Welcome to the American Job Market, Ed.

Over the past several years there’s been a steady trickle of occasional politicians retiring and saying something to the effect that our system doesn’t work for the people anymore, such as Sen. Evan Bayh just this week. So many of us taking the test had little hope to ever make again what we used to make. Worse, our elderly need work and can’t find much. It sure was a nice five years off, now welcome back to the world, Ed.

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