February 17, 2010

census iii

I studied for the test to become a census taker, for five minutes. I downloaded the practice exam from the website and came up with an answer for the first question. I checked the answer code and discovered that I was incorrect. Getting a question wrong was not surprising. Getting it right would have been surprising. I attempted to do the next four problems, really concentrating all available mental powers. When I checked the answer code, I discovered that I had in fact gotten all four correct. Stunning, really. I still had some mental powers after all. I decided not to do anymore of the practice exam. My test-taking confidence was at a lifetime high. Four in a row! I simply could not risk that confidence evaporating by attempting to add fractions. Besides, one of my divine gifts in this world is rationalizing any option that’s clearly less work than others.
I was ready for the real census exam the next day, or as ready as I was ever going to be, and put out the following message to the starry night sky: “I want to do well on this test. From, your homie, Ed.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... can't wait to find out how you did! 'Homie'????????? You are soooooooooo not that guy!