February 27, 2010

my debut 2

When I release my book The Glitch on Amazon, it will be a major internal creative release for me. I drafted the book out six years ago, mostly while taking the graveyard shift watching over my father while he was dying. It's not a morbid book at all. It's a coming-of-age humor story. In fact, it's an extraordinarily simple arch, a paint-by-numbers story, as my friend John Lash once described it. Since that first draft, I've re-written it in first-person, returned to third-person, cut it up until i killed it, brought it back to life, forgot about it for more than two years, then touched it up again. I know the story inside-out as a result, where it accelerates, decelerates, where my tricks are. Through the evolution of this book I learned the craft of story-telling. My little boys inside me are the real authors of this story, since it's full of boyish enthusiasm.

After my father died and I quit journalism, I spent the next five years on my spiritual journey, listening to the call and going where it said and doing what it suggested. The Glitch has been with me through it all, and now I get to let it go, like a child into the world. The gifts the universe provides to us once we truly surrender are never-ending and full of dazzling color and life. And they keep coming and coming.


Anonymous said...

Ed, you are doing a great job with this blog. I am enjoying reading about your spiritual journey. It has touched me. As you know,I lost my dad back in August. I am looking forward to your next posting.


Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much, buddy. i'm going to start writing about it as a dedication to both of our fathers.

La Sirena said...

Congratulations on finishing your book/ wrapping up this cycle.

I agree. Helping someone out of this world is not morbid, it's usually funny and touching. In fact, I think it's a privelege -- not a glurgey privelege.

And I enjoy reading your blog.

Gabriel Baird said...

Congrats! That's a major milestone. I remember reading The Glitch back in its original form. I enjoyed it then. I'm looking forward to seeing how Paul has changed ... and I really can't wait to hold a real copy in my hands.

Anonymous said...

Gotta get it!