February 26, 2010

my debut!

It’s becoming a joy to write this blog for the two readers I have, maybe three. In a way, it’s more meaningful to write for you guys who I know and respect than for the thousands I wrote for as a journalist, not that it wasn’t exhilarating to be a daily newspaper reporter. It was. But sometimes, things work out just perfectly. (Oftentimes, actually) The evolution of my writing has come to a place I cherish, and it’s headed toward a place much more exhilarating than any of the journalism I used to do. (Rungs of the same ladder is what it seems like)

So anyway, now that I’ve cleared my throat – a journalism term for ‘burying your lead,’ or more specifically, writing superfluous shit at the beginning of a story – I’d like to share a little about what I’m feeling as I get ready to release my first two books. Geek Sex was my first, but it was just an ebook. And until I release print versions, I haven’t released shit, as far as I’m concerned.

Releasing them is going to happen within the next couple weeks, though I’ve been thinking the next couple weeks for a couple months now. But I’m not complaining, at the moment anyway. By luck, divine movement, cosmic intervention, my higher self directing traffic, whatever, I get to be a part of the online publishing revolution just beginning in our world. In the 5,000-year history of human civilization, the printed word and its publication is one of the most important developments of all time. And in my own very small way, as a writer and reader, it’s pure excitement to be here during the time when the power of mass publication shifts from the money interests back to the regular person. It may be similar in some ways to when the printing press was invented, which was indeed a revolutionary time.

From within my own small role, it’s a giant gift from the universe to be here and be a part of it all.


thinkingtoohard said...

It's also a giant gift to watch you unfold your petals. I can't wait for The Glitch ;-)

Tiffany said...

I'm excited as well!! Work it Eddie because the universe is coming together for you! Very few people out there would take the risk that you are taking but you are the most positive person ever, especially in following your dreams.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much, guys. love you both.

Anonymous said...

Now, I've already started reading Geek Sex... What I wouldn't do for a paper copy in hand to curl up with!