December 27, 2009

no more volunteering

i've volunteered on sundays for two-and-a-half years at an overcrowded los angeles county animal shelter where i help the undermanned staff clean dog kennels and fill up water bowls. i've volunteered on sundays because the shelter is closed to the public on sundays and thus county managers reduce staff in order to save money. this is typical in the business. reduced staff means animals sometimes wait for hours for their cleanings and food in excrement-filled kennels. it's sad but hey, that's why the county has a volunteer program: to help out what is obviously an overcrowded and underfunded shelter system. this morning, however, i was informed of a new policy at the carson animal shelter: no more volunteering on sundays. go home.

this is the same shelter sued recently by an animal rescuer  over deplorable conditions for the animals. unfortunately, those who make the decisions at america's largest animal shelter system aren't interested in what might benefit or hurt the animals and hourly staff hustling to keep up in back. decisions have to do with covering one's ass and reducing paperwork. i'm going to request an official explanation this week as to why i can't help with cleaning on sunday mornings and why other volunteers can't walk dogs on sunday afternoons. i can't wait to hear the forward-thinking reasoning behind the new policy.


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well, what happened?