December 18, 2009

35 cents for a local call

at the moment, i'm living in room #33 of a family-run motel on the beach in hermosa. the phone in my room doesn't work so well, and i find myself making phone calls at the pay phone outside the liqour store down the street. i was so tickled to have found a working pay phone in 2009 that i don't mind at all a pocket full of change. maybe i ought to put some minutes on my my cell phone plan, but the pay phone routine is working well enough, so far. it's funny the things we find nostalgic. other things that surprisingly bring on that sweet, nostalgic feeling: the glenn miller band (the soundtrack of my early childhood), holding a baseball in my hand, jams, and the irritating feeling of putting my only dime in a pay phone that doesn't register the coin and keeps returning it in the change slot.


La Sirena said...

Pay phones make me happy, too. I like to note their location on my mental map, just-in-case. Also, seeing one is like spotting a technological fossil.

I have a cell phone. You kind of almost have to now but I miss talking to strangers. Now everyone just walks around in their own little world.

I like your blog. You were a funny, unusual kid and seem to have grown into a funny, compassionate and interesting man.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks, girl. i was unusual, wasn't i? and definitely still am. i'm going to last without a cell phone for as long as i can, which won't be long enough.

still looking at mermaids with my niece:)

Anonymous said...

The 'Glenn' Miller band? Like the orchestra? Oh wow... you too?