January 20, 2010

who philosophy

It’s easy to sling shit at the top dogs who run things for the county. The animal rights folks are proficient at slinging shit. To be clear, many of the animal rights folks volunteer, but many just sling shit. A favorite target of theirs is the head of LA county’s department of animal care and control. They’ve had an ongoing campaign to get this department head fired, ever since Zephyr’s death.

These animal rights folks are like the daydreaming portion of the anti-war movement in the 60s that wanted anyone but LBJ in office. So they got Nixon. Meet the new boss, same as the old one.

You don’t get to be head of any major organization, public or private, without a serious vetting process first in order to find out if you embody the proper values, namely that the protection of your organization as it is comes first. For this particular department head, an important element of her job is never acknowledging that the budget she is assigned -- and publicly supports -- is nowhere near sufficient to properly care for all the animals.

In fact, I have no doubt that this department head cares for the animals, but this caring for the animals could never trump protecting the department and county from criticism and complaints that have the potential to unseat elected officials and cause colleagues to lose their jobs. You must have your priorities in order to head any significant organization or department in this world. Or a new boss will be found.


Cathy Nguyen said...

Ed, I'm one of the people who believes Marcia Mayeda should be fired. At one point, she did care. I know people who can and will vouch for that. However, somewhere along the way, she became anesthetized to the suffering of the animals. Maybe it's the sheer volume of animals being discarded at the shelters, maybe because after a while, one complaint becomes another and another and it's all the same so it's a means of self-preservation. Thick skin as they call it.. I don't know. The fact is she no longer cares. Did you know that she would dismiss anything that comes from me even knowing that I do not say things unless I have the facts and I do stand up and be accountable when I am wrong? For example - there was a dog who turned up as a stray at the Downey shelter. One of my rescue partners took photos of this dog who had close to a dozen buttons sewn into her ears. Everyone who saw the photos including the former deputy director was shocked! at the end of the day, the dog was returned to her owner. I spoke up and asked if they would ask why buttons were there. She could have said from the outset that it's a rare means of treating hematomas - the buttons there keep them from coming back. Instead she latched on to that and accused me of trying to badmouth the department. Once I found out from my own vet, I publicly apologized. But still to this day, the mention of the name Cathy Nguyen and there's a fire in her eyes because she thinks it's personal. To me, it is as it has always been - about the animals. If one cannot competently carry out the duties of her post, she should be removed. I still stand by this.

Ed Pilolla said...

cathy, i certainly respect your perspective on marcia mayeda. i don't know her, but it also doesn't surprise me that there's 'a fire in her eyes' when your name is mentioned. your lawsuit brought to light a horrible underbelly of conditions at the carson shelter.