January 13, 2010


Dogs are stronger than they look. And if a dog looks strong, think hard about what you're are getting into if you decide to take that animal for a walk so that he sees something besides the inside walls of his kennel for the first time in a month and more importantly, has his first chance in a month to expend some serious energy. These things are learned. There is no such a piori knowledge. Trust me. The massive Pit Bull named Toro was about a hundred pounds. I threw a leash on him and off we went, pretty much like that one time I tried water skiing. My brother and cousin operating the boat either couldn't hear me or found my pleas to ease up hysterical and worthy only of depressing the throttle further. Bent over at the waist, shifting from foot to foot to hold my balance, there wasn't much of a difference between Toro towing me and the outboard Johnson motor.

"Toro! TORO! Toro, please! TORO-TORO-TORO! Eieeeeeeeeeeee! Toro! Oh dear God, Toro! Toro! Pleeeeeease, Toro!"


Lori said...

Just like walking my pup, Parker. Who knew a 50 lb. dog could dump me on the ground so easily?

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is wonderful! What a fitful name! TORO!