January 20, 2011

Flagrant Self Promotion

I released my self-published book of love letters, Dragonfly. It sure has been a liberating experience getting that project out the door. And I can now move to the next. 

I’m real pleased with how Dragonfly turned out. I married the letters to a short story. Here’s a free pdf download if anyone is interested.

Many thanks to Mark Dixon, who produced the cover and designed the interior.

Last year I read three self-published books. Alexandra Grabbe’s French Graffiti is the story of Alexandra's moving to France in 1969. I have only spent a few weeks in Paris (I'm not complaining), but I found the book was quite accurate, insightful, and especially fun. I recommend it.

I also recommend Becky Tsaros Dickson’s I Could Tell You Stories. It's beautifully written, chronicling Becky's life and internal journey over the last year. 

Likewise check out Arnal Kennedy's book of poems, You Woke Me in the Dark, somehow both haunting and delightful.

Congratulations to my friend Magda Makonnen, who is putting together her first chapbook. I’ve been anxiously waiting for years. Here’s some of her work

If anyone has a self published book, please let me know. That's mostly what I'm reading these days.

Lastly, I want to say how proud and also humbled I am to be friends with such amazing writers like the ones who consistently visit and leave comments here. I'm grateful for, as well as the beneficiary of, such nourishing creative connections. 


She Writes said...

Right on, Ed! Or should I say, write on ;)?

Brian Miller said...

way to go man that is awesome...

Ocean Girl said...

Congratulations Ed. How do one look for or purchase the self-published books, including yours? Are they available as e-book that could be purchase on-line like on i-tune? I enjoy stories about moving to and making home in new place like Chocolat.

You're most welcome Ed (if I am on the list of your amazing writers;))

Being Me said...

Hey Ed, congratulations! Shout it from the rooftops and don't forget to Tweet like crazy so we can all RT the details :D

Ed Pilolla said...

amy, thanks so much. meeting you and tapping into your creative circle of friends was a huge and wonderful thing for me.

brian, thank you.

ocean girl, help yourself to all free things at edpilolla.com. download away. my understanding is pdfs work for all ereaders. you certainly are one of my fav writers.

being me, what are the social rules? i never know any. i already tweeted it once. thanks so much.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your comme ce, comme ca way with selling your book cracks me up, Ed. You remind me of...me. I want to get a hard copy, so I shall do my research for it. You and Becky are inspiring me to looking into self-publishing again. Maybe this time round I'll do something.

Ed Pilolla said...

i am so sad, it's true. the link attached to the first dragonfly reference goes to my homepage. from there, one can choose the free download or to order a $9.99 paperback copy. i should have said so plainly in the body of the post. haha. yes, that's me.
thanks being like me. i need company that way:)

Earthianne said...

It's a great story. Hi Ed, I was wondering what the cover looks like. :)

I'm getting a couple, one to keep and another to give as a gift. Hope your book does well, and it should.

Claudia said...

wow ed - this is really cool!!
way to go!!

Claudia said...

..just brushed through the pdf and when i was reading "bribing the fireflies" again, it felt a bit like coming home. it may sound strange, but when i read this poem first over at deidra's - that was when i "met" poetry and somehow it was - i guess the first piece in a mosaic... just wanted to tell you..

Gabriela Abalo said...

Wow! Congrats!!!

I will read it! thanks for sharing

all the best

Anonymous said...

Congrats again on "Dragonfly", Ed! I'm loving the poems in it. So many favorites...So many gorgeous lines! And thank you for your thoughtful mention of my work and putting up the links. You're awesome!!

Claudia said...

just thought i jump over, wish you a nice weekend and tell you that i enjoy, reading your pdf :)

The Empress said...

I am quietly smiling here.

And yay, hurray, way to go, Ed Pilolla.

Way to go.

I will hop on over to the webpage and see what I can do.

This is wonderful.

I am so very beaming right now.

A very nice surprise to come over to.

I do kinda wish you'd toot your own horn a little...though.

Honest Annie said...

I am going to read the PDF and know I will want to read the whole book. Congrats! Hope there are many more to come.

Wine and Words said...

I'm so glad I came looking for you, as I would have missed this somehow. Just ordered two copies...one for me, one for a blogger friend I am flying to meet for the first time at the end of the month. She loves poetry and dragonflies. It will be a perfect gift! I want mine signed :)

I'm very excited about this Ed! My heart is jumping up and down. I have missed this side of you...well, truth be told, I've just missed you, as a photo posted here and there wasn't the Ed I first met. This project was. I hope there is more of you coming Ed. I truly hope so. I am quite a fan...quietly so.


Wine and Words said...

BTW...That wouldn't be the Mark Dixon that went to Campolindo High School would it?????

Mark Dixon said...

@wineandwords - No, in fact I don't think I've ever even been to Moraga. I grew up in the Los Angeles area. Cheers.

Phoenix said...

Congrats, Ed! That's wonderful. I've thought about self-publishing my book of slop poetry but I think I'm still a little too shy (or protective) to take that first step. You'll have to let me know how you went about the process of self-publishing - I'm very curious now!

I hope you've been well and that life is treating you kindly.

Space Lady said...

I have just now finished the first story and want to thank you for the generosity of spirit that allowed you share your gift with so many so freely.

ladyfi said...

Congratulations1 Definitely want to check this out.